about - goacrophile

Why do I make photographs?
I used to consider cameras useless weight. Then a friend took me up the east ridge of Forbidden peak in North Cascades National Park, and I saw my error. The experience was overwhelming in every detail. Indescribable. It changed my life. From then on I was driven not only to seek out new adventures, but also to record the savage landscape and intensity of experience that makes mountaineering what it is. I wanted to communicate the keen sense of fear, joy, pain, and awe that accompany any difficult foray among the peaks. Each step taken in technique and equipment has allowed me to more nearly approach the ideal: that the viewer of a photograph should feel and experience the scene as I did. An impossible task that feeds obsession.

Why this page?
To communicate. Photography is largely its own reward. I derive great satisfaction from images that adequately meet my goals, but like any work of the human mind, whether scientific or artistic, the full value of a photograph is only realized when it is seen, whether by family, friends, or interested strangers. If any of the images on these pages move you with the glory of nature, or create thrill of fear for we fragile hominids lost in a merciless world, I have succeeded a little. 

Photo at left by Grace Marx.

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